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Help Center - Cancel

Something can always come up and that's no big deal. You can cancel your booking in your customer account. First click on the Overview submenu and then on the Next trips tab. Here you will now find all your upcoming bus tours. Find the tour you need to cancel and click on the Edit button. A module will open in which you will find various options. After clicking on the Cancel booking completely button, you will be redirected to a message that shows you whether there are any cancellation fees. You have to confirm this message accordingly and by clicking on the Cancel booking button you submit your cancellation. Alternatively, you can of course still send us an email to

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If you are logged in and cancel directly via your customer account, all the information we need is already stored.

If you would prefer to send us an e-mail, we will need your booking number and customer number to process your cancellation. In addition, the cancellation must be sent from the e-mail that was used to make the booking. (Instructions for canceling as a fellow traveler / non-main booker can be found below)

Booking number: You will find this in the email you received after your booking. Alternatively, you can also find your booking number in your customer account when you log in (My profile - Invoices - Booking number column). The booking number looks something like this: XXX-2022-1234

Customer number: You can also find this in the email for your booking or in your customer account (My profile - Directly under your name in the info box). Your customer number is a 5 to 6 digit number.

  • a) up to 30 days before the start of the trip 5 % of the tour price
  • b) from the 29th to the 22nd day prior to departure 15% of the tour price
  • c) from the 21st to the 15th day before the start of the tour 35% of the tour price
  • d) from the 14th to the 8th day before the start of the tour 50% of the tour price
  • e) from the 7th day before departure 85 % of the tour price
  • f) in the event of non-arrival 90 % of the tour price

There are certainly ways in which you can avoid or waive cancellation costs:

  • You can find a 1:1 replacement for your booking. This means that the place of departure, ticket and any additional options booked must be paid in full.
  • The festival for your booking will be canceled by the organizer.
  • Your booked departure point cannot be used and the alternative proposed by us will not be accepted by you.
  • You have been activated from the move-up list but have not explicitly confirmed again before the tour. (see also move-up list)
  • You are a Platinum customer. Platinum customers enjoy the exclusive advantage of not having to pay any cancellation fees. This is a special thank-you arrangement for long-term loyalty and part of our bonus and discount system. (Cancellations must still be submitted in writing. Cancellation fees will be charged in the absence of a cancellation).

If you can no longer travel yourself, but your fellow travelers still want to travel with you, they will have to make a new booking. As you are our contractual partner as the main booker, this is unfortunately not possible otherwise. As soon as your fellow travelers have made a new booking, they will be rebooked internally by us and any amount already paid will be transferred to the new booking. Your booking can then be canceled in accordance with our legal terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, you as a fellow traveler cannot cancel yourself. Please contact your main booker so that he/she can inform us of your cancellation request.

To put it simply, cancellation fees are compensation from you as the customer to us as the tour operator. These fees may be incurred if you have to cancel your booked tour.

Cancellation fees are charged to cover costs that have already been incurred. These include, for example, tickets that you have already purchased or a seat reserved for you on the bus that remains empty on the day of the tour due to your cancellation. The coaches and coach drivers we use must of course also be paid for. The time our employees spend working for you and your booking also costs money, and the later you cancel, the more time has been spent. Accordingly, you will also find a scale of cancellation fees above, which increase the closer to the booked tour.

The cancellation fees we charge are reasonable and have been legally determined and confirmed by a lawyer.

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