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Help Center - Tickets

Tickets booked with us are always handed out on the bus during the tour to the event shortly before arrival at the venue.

You will receive a bus ticket from us for your check-in on the bus. You will receive this in a separate email approx. 3 days before the tour. You must be able to show your bus ticket for the bus tour in printed form or digitally on your cell phone. In addition to the e-mail, you will always find your bus ticket in your customer account after we have sent it to you.

Please note: The bus ticket is NOT the admission ticket for the festival.

To give you one less thing to think about for your next event, we will print out your ticket for you and hand it to you on the bus shortly before you arrive at the venue.

With Hard Tickets, we also ensure that you receive your ticket from us on the bus shortly before you arrive at the venue.

For some events it is necessary to personalize the tickets in advance. In this case, you will receive an e-mail from us approx. 5 - 7 days before the start of your trip with all the detailed information. You can find out which events are affected by this by clicking on the info button during the booking process.

The past has shown that it happens from time to time that customers forget their tickets or simply don't have a printer. If you forget your ticket, our hands are tied and you would not be granted entry or you would have to buy a new ticket on site. To counteract this, we have decided to relieve you of this worry and only give you your ticket on the bus.

Here, too, we rely on our many years of experience, as it has happened in the past that tickets distributed at the beginning have been left lying around at the rest area during the breaks, for example, or have been broken in the backpack. The distribution of tickets is always planned after the last break and before arrival at the venue.

Tickets are generally only sold in conjunction with a bus tour. Only in exceptional cases can tickets be booked without the bus tour. In order to prevent misuse through increased resale prices, purchased tickets will only be sent by e-mail 1 - 3 days before the event or by post 3 - 3 days before the event.

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