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Help Center - Departure points

Help Center - Departure points

Of course, we always try to ensure that all bookable departure points are served. Nevertheless, it can sometimes happen that a certain departure point cannot be reached during an event. If this is the case and you wanted to travel from this particular stop, we will of course inform you in good time so that we can see together whether an alternative departure point might be possible for you.

There is actually no exact minimum number of people that need to have booked from Constance, for example, the decisive factor for us is which bus takes which route and whether a stopover fits into the schedule. Basically, we always try to keep the distances that the bus has to travel as short as possible. In the run-up to an event and during the booking process, it is usually easy to see which stops will be used. However, there are also special situations that may require the route to be rescheduled. For example, a large group books shortly before the deadline, so that an additional bus is used and the planned route is split up accordingly.

If your booked departure point cannot be reached, we will inform you by e-mail approx. 10 - 12 days before the tour. Why so late, you ask? Experience has shown that we receive many bookings in the last 2 to 3 weeks before an event, so that even at short notice a whole group suddenly wants to join us at a location that has not yet been booked.

Important: We only ever inform the main booker by e-mail!

Note: If you do not receive any information from us by e-mail, your booked departure point will be used.

If your booked departure point is unfortunately one of those that cannot be reached, we will inform you in good time by e-mail. So that we can continue to plan our routes, we will rebook you to an alternative departure point as a precaution. You will then find the relevant information in our e-mail.

Now you have the opportunity to decide whether the alternative departure point we have selected is right for you or whether you no longer wish to travel due to the rebooking. In this case, canceling your booking would be completely free of charge!

Important: Please contact us as soon as possible with a reply to our information e-mail and let us know whether you agree or would like to cancel. If we do not hear from you within the next few days, we will assume that you agree to the alternative departure point.

The following also applies: As soon as you confirm to us in writing that you agree to the alternative departure point, but then have to cancel at short notice, our General Terms and Conditions apply and cancellation costs will be charged.

Note: If the new departure point was actually more expensive, you will still not incur any additional costs. If the new departure point is cheaper, the difference will be credited to your customer account or the amount will be refunded.

Of course we know that you want to have everything planned as early as possible. But experience shows that we receive a lot of bookings in the last 2 to 3 weeks before an event, so that even at short notice a whole group suddenly wants to come to a location that has not yet been booked.

This can vary depending on the region. In the Ruhr area, for example, we have considerably more stops than in Middle Franconia around Nuremberg. If your booked departure point is not served, we will roughly look for an alternative within a maximum radius of 100 km that would still be easy for you to reach. For example, we often look for the nearest main station where we have a stop. (Exceptions regarding distance are occasionally possible)

By the way: You can let us know in the comments field under Other information during your booking whether alternative departure points are generally okay for you or not.

Example text: I am also prepared to depart from the following alternative departure points: Oberhausen, Duisburg, Cologne or An alternative departure point is NOT an option for me.

If there are any changes to your original booking, you will always receive an email from us. You can also always check your customer account to see if there are any new messages. To access your notifications, please click on My profile and then on Notifications.

You can also find your most recent invoices here. If there are now two notifications for one invoice, this means that something has been changed. Simply click on the Download button next to the file name under Attachments and take a look at the invoice. A change could look like the following text, for example:

1 * Änderung von Abfahrtsort Duisburg nach Abfahrtsort Dortmund

If you are ever unsure or would like to find out in advance how good the chances are for your departure location or what possible alternatives would be, you are welcome to contact our WhatsApp support.

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